Rising majestically out of the valley are the spires of the famous church of Covadonga. Known all over Spain, this church is the burial place of Pelayo, a brave knight who resisted the advance of the moors in the eighth century. It is generally thought that his actions were part of the beginning of the reconquest in Spain and the expulsion of the moors. For this reason it is considered an important destination for pilgrims and tourists and is even pictured on the Spanish 2 & 5 cent coin. 


The Lakes


Los Lagos are two emerald lakes high up a winding mountain road in the heart of the Picos mountains. From here there are spectacular views and many walks to suit all levels of ability. The 'Tour de España', Spain's annual national cycling competition, finishes one of its strenuous stages at this point. 





Cangas de Onis


Half an hour's drive away is this beautiful market town, nestling on the banks of the river Sella and boasting an original roman bridge. This town is best visited on Sunday mornings when the market is in full swing. An amazing array of local foods are on sale including chorizo and hundreds of different types of cheese, all artisanally produced in the area. There are also lots of restaurants and street cafe's where you can sit and watch the world go by.